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Training (Physics/CATHENA/Source) for 37M bundle to KHNP

Training in Korea


Our team provided extensive nuclear safety training to Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) staff.  The training involved major fields of deterministic safety analyses, and extended from January to April 2014. Physics Training
  • Up-to-date modeling methodology for WIMS/DRAGON/RFSP-IST code system
  • WIMS-IST 37M fuel lattice model
  • Void reactivity & physics parameters of WIMS-IST code
  • Generation of Incremental Cross Section and aging modeling control device using DRAGON-IST
  • Core modeling using RFSP-IST
  • Physics modeling for Safety Analysis for LBLOCA/In-core LOCA

CATHENA Training

  • Introduction & Validation of CATHENA 3.5d (include 37M CHF Correlation)
  • Theory & methodology of HTS aging parameters and plant aged model (with Transition Core)
  • CATHENA above and below header & ECCS model
  • CATHENA Secondary Side Model, Parallel Model and Single Channel Model
  • CATHENA Trip Coverage Model, Auxiliairy System Model
  • Channel Modeling Method and Sensitivity Calculation Cases for Transition Core Analysis
  • LOCA Analysis Methodology
  • Safety Analysis for 37M Fueled Core Sensitive Accident


  • General Description Review,  Theory and User Manual
  • SOURCE Inputs from ELOCA
  • Review of Refurbishment LB LOCA
  • Review of SOURCE-IST modeling


  • Nuclear Safety
  • Physics
  • Thermal hydraulics


Gnest / Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP)




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