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Pascal Hernu
has more than 15 years of experience in containment and dose analysis.  Being involved in ADDAM development, Pascal is a GOTHIC expert for CANDU 6 containment analysis (G2, PL, Embalse and EC6).  He developed advanced GOTHIC models for PARs, LACs, ECC and ventilation in GOTHIC.  Pascal is a recognized expert in Hydrogen and PAR analysis in the nuclear industry in CANDU and LRW containments.

​Gilles Sabourin
has 24 years of experience in CANDU system thermalhydraulics analysis, from PHTS, moderator to secondary side events.  He supervised more than 50 deterministic safety analyses for CANDU-6 reactors.  Gilles has been involved in the spent fuel storage design and development (CANSTOR and retube canisters).  Gilles has extensive experience in DSA and licensing approach with CNSC. Gilles was SPOC for G2 refurbishment safety analyses.

Michel Saint-Denis is a senior Safety Analysis Manager and PSA analyst with more than 20 years of experience in safety analysis, and 6 years experience in safety analysis project management.  Michel has developed a safety analysis team in the Montreal office and managed several significant projects.  Manager of a safety analyst team and PSA specialist, he can prepare PSA studies (FTA, ET, FMEA, SMA), develop and manage multidisciplinary teams, develop efficient work methods to meet the customer’s objectives.  Michel is recognized for his team-building abilities with focus on product delivery and customer satisfaction.

Elisabeth Varin has 15 years of experience in CANDU reactor physics design and operation, in particular reactor regulating system and fuel management using the IST reactor code, RFSP.  She supervised the detailed and complete reactor physics modeling for Hydro-Québec (Gentilly-2), NA-SA Argentina (Embalse) and SNN Romania (Cernavoda3&4). Elisabeth managed the physics code validation contract with COG (CANDU Owners Group). She acted as co-chair of the physics working group in COG for 5 years.

We also have access to several nuclear expertise in Quebec.

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