Montreal Nuclear Services

Affordable Nuclear Expertise

CAFTA software), systematic review of initiating events resulting in activity release and common cause failure (CCF) methodology documentation.

Spent fuel dry storage design and safety analysis.

Operation and reactor start-up support: commissioning, reactor regulating system and fuel management.

CANDU Station Support: Spent Fuel Bay analysis, Tritium Water Storage

Licensing: RD-310 implementation, support with regulatory interactions

Hydrogen: Passive Autocatalytic (Hydrogen) Recombiner (PAR) design and implementation, Hydrogen Analysis (Fukushima)

Training: Safety Analysis Codes and Methodology


 Recent Projects

Consulting specialities include:

Deterministic Safety Analysis:
  PHTS accident scenarios (CATHENA), physics modeling (WIMS, DRAGON, RFSP, RCCTS), moderator and end-shielding simulations (CATHENA).

Dose and Containment Analysis: thermal-hydraulics, radionuclide transport and retention inside the reactor building, and radionuclide release (GOTHIC, SMART), atmospheric dispersion and doses to the public (ADDAM).

Probabilistic  Safety & Risk Analysis: Level 1 and Level 2 PSA analysis, PSA-Based Seismic Margin Assessment, Fault tree modelling and analysis (FTA with